Part 2


Day 25: 15/11/18

Dense Cities

Today was a really good start to ASD. Our conversations about defining architecture were really useful in the sense that they showed us there is no right or wrong approach towards it. Architecture means something different to everyone and it was very interesting to see other people's perspectives of it. 

I found that the Photoshop exercise was very beneficial as it gave me a different method of working. I found it a tad tricky at times but I would really like to use it for for visualisations.

Day 28: 22/11/18

Dense Cities

Exploring and experimenting with catenary structures through modroc was really exciting today. I liked the fact that it was a quick task that didn't involve too much thought yet had fantastic results. Modroc and plaster are materials that I may work with in the future as they set quickly and can create fluid shapes. It was good to consider what the structure could be used for at a variety of scales and how it could be applied to the site. As a next step, it would be good to incorporate the structures created in each workshop with my designs as well as deeper supporting research.

Day 31: 29/11/18


Today I learnt new ways to complete a site survey in order to show the atmosphere of a place. In a group I visited St Gabriel's Church. Here I used photography, sketches and notes to convey atmosphere. I recorded sound at different positions within the site through mark making.  I located the sounds on a plan of the site to show the contrast in atmosphere. This was a useful task which I will use in the future. Through this method a sense of place and character is created which offers a better insight into the location. 

Day 34: 07/01/19


I'm excited yet anxious about the new plot project, I think it's because I have the opportunity to work with a real client however I'm looking forward to the challenge. Chelsea Physic Garden seems like a fantastic site to work with. From today's visit I think that I'm most interested in the care and protection of the plants and the garden's of micro climate. In my observations what stood out to me the most were the plants that were insulated in fabric and bubble wrap in order to combat the cold weather. I felt that they could almost be an installation in their own right. My eyes were drawn to them because they were big white structures scattered amongst the green landscape (since many of the plants weren't in bloom). This idea also makes me consider time and how this effects the garden.

Now I need to research other designers who have worked with similar sites and how they have interacted with nature to create an experience. It would be interesting to investigate how a micro climate can also be created.


Day 37: 14/01/19


I felt that today was a bit of a slow start for me as I initially was struggling to generate ideas. Doing further research was useful as I could gather inspiration that linked with my first hand observations from the garden. I have decided to work with the wrapped plants by placing light underneath the plant and material in order to cast shadows and reveal the plant's form. I think that this is a good idea as it is light touch, non-intrusive and uses the garden's existing materials (I believe this to be a sustainable approach to the brief). To push this idea further, I could work with colour. By this I mean using the same colours as the plants when they are in bloom. This could work well in contrast to the current green landscape.

To do:

  • Experiment using a plant, light (torch/fairy lights) and plastic bag to see if the idea works, then with colour.
  • Go back to Chelsea Physic Garden to get more site specific images of the covered plants and more film footage.
  • Create a visualisation.
  • Continue making portfolio sheets (working with collage).

Day 40: 21/01/19



Day 26: 19/11/18

Dense Cities

The stream of consciousness writing activity was new to me. Initially I found it a bit difficult to get started but it ended up being a beneficial technique as it allowed me to brainstorm quickly without thinking too hard or too much. It was a good starting point because we were then able to articulate these words visually through abstract drawings which could then be turned into sketch models. I want to use this method of working in the future because it was a very efficient way of generating ideas and it seemed easier to develop concepts. In the past I think I have over thought concepts at times which has inhibited the growth of my projects, so to have methods like this at hand means that the design process is a lot faster.

I enjoyed creating a site context model, it has taught me about scale and how to select the most appropriate scale to use. I think in order to take the next step I need to create a more focused model of my site (maybe at a 1:50 scale) to place my design into.

Day 29: 26/11/18

Dense Cities




Day 32: 4/12/18


As I was ill for Monday's opportunity mapping / site audit workshop I had to catch up. I found this to be another useful and efficient method in generating a sense of place as it shows the site's programme as well as its pros and cons. I continued my idea development and research. Now I need to create a visualisation, model and A2 sheets.

Day 35: 08/01/18


I feel slightly stuck with my ideas and I'm not entirely confident in my current response to the brief. Tomorrow I need to revisit Chelsea Physic Garden to make some more focused observations (exploring through senses e.g. sound) and to pick out details that I previously missed. I think that using film as a method of surveying is useful in showing the atmosphere of the plot and perspective.

  • Sketch
  • Photograph
  • Video
  • Measure

Day 38: 15/01/19


My plant experiment was successful but was only carried out on a house plant. To get a more realistic idea of what the installation will look like, I am going to work on a larger scale experiment by using outdoor plants. To create a more exciting structure (as opposed to the existing cubes and cuboids), I am going to experiment with bamboo sticks and see how a structure can be created to suit specific plants.

Once this has been done, I then need to create a scaled drawing and visualisation.

Day 41: 22/01/19


I've decided to continue with my 'Plot' project instead of 'Dense Cities' as it seems more relevant and there's still room for development. I struggled with developing my 'Dense Cities' project in the past as it was more conceptual project. Therefore it was harder to develop in a more practical way (hence why it's more difficult to revisit). Since my 'Plot' proposal has the potential to actually exhibit in Chelsea Physic Garden, it makes sense to refine my idea and establish how everything will work. My main concern at the moment is whether my installation will work in daylight and if there is a way of recording it if things don't go to plan. Access to the garden could be an issue later in the day when I need to test out my idea on site.


Day 27: 21/11/18

Dense Cities

Today's workshop was great, I liked the process of transforming 2D forms (taken from Suprematist art) into 3D forms. It was interesting to interpret an abstract plan into an elevation as it made me think about a more interesting composition with multiple layers and voids in between structures. I struggled more with drawing as it had to be precise and to a 1:1 scale. Within the session I managed to complete a scaled plan and elevation. Despite not completing all the tasks within the time frame, I am happy with what I produced as it was my first time attempting to draw with such accuracy and it is something I know that I need to practice. I think it would also be useful to research other methods and techniques that architects/spatial designers use to produce drawings and visualisations as there may be one that works better for me. Next I need to complete another elevation, a cross-section and an axonometric projection or at least a perspective drawing.

Day 30: 27/11/18


I really enjoyed learning about scale in today's exercise. It was beneficial to draw objects and thresholds at a 1:1 scale as it made me realise the true size of objects when I would usually exaggerate some scales.


Day 33: 6/12/18


IMG_1196 (1).jpg

Day 36: 10/01/19


I was ill today, however I know that I need to continue research artists and designers who have dealt with outdoor installations in order to gather more inspiration. By doing this I can make further developments from my initial observations.

From visiting the garden again yesterday, I was interested in creating access to the plants where you were not allowed to step on the grass (maybe creating stepping stones?). Also how the plant beds were arranged in a grid like system which then created a series of vistas. So vistas are something that I'd like to look into and how to draw the eye to a specific point of interest.

To do:

  • Continue site map.
  • Research artists and designers to then begin idea generation and development.

Day 39: 17/01/19



Now I need to consider:

  • what is the best way of lighting the structures?- torch, floodlight, bike light, camping light?
  • composition- linear, group, scattered.
  • who else can see my work beyond the garden?- create a map.
  • colour?
  • how can these structures be improved? - materials, contruction.


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