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Manhattan Transcript- Bernard Tschumi

manhattan transcripts.jpg high res.jpg

'Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about event, action, and what happens in space.'

'The Manhattan Transcripts differ from most architectural drawings insofar as they are neither real projects nor mere fantasies. Developed in the late '70s, they proposed to transcribe an architectural interpretation of reality. To this aim, they employed a particular structure involving photographs that either direct or "witness" events (some would call them "functions," others "programs"). At the same time, plans, sections, and diagrams outline spaces and indicate the movements of the different protagonists intruding into the architectural "stage set." The Transcripts' explicit purpose was to transcribe things normally removed from conventional architectural representation, namely the complex relationship between spaces and their use, between the set and the script, between "type" and "program," between objects and events. Their implicit purpose had to do with the 20th-century city.'


Andreas Gursky


Paris, Montparnasse (Photographed 1993).

Mouchoutte Building.

Capturing the ordinary lives of individuals.

 “to go to the centre-city is to encounter the ‘social truth’, to take part in the magnificent plenitude of ‘reality’.” - Gursky


Biombombastic- elii - Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil, Carlos Palacios[gal]/13/


'The purpose of this project is to renew an old flat in the centre of Madrid to turn it into a transformable space.

The project hinges around two complementary strategies. Firstly, an open space is configured, and the whole programme is grouped and arranged around an L-shaped band on two sides. This band includes the access to the household, the outer façade windows, a folding bed, the storage space, a complete kitchen, a fold-down auxiliary table, access to the bathroom and the washing machine. It optimises the spatial distribution and compacts all the functions so that everyday activities can benefit from as much space as possible, all the while adapting to the geometry of the apartment. Secondly, a fitted screen on one of the sides can be deployed from the wall to create different domestic arrangements, by closing the bedroom, the kitchen or dividing the house into two.

Wooden rails serve to construct the whole. They are the attachment points for the screen and establish the lighting of the spaces.

The screen works in unison with hinged and foldable devices and with the lighting to configure a flexible space that serves to alter the ‘domestic stages’ (as if it were a ‘domestic theatre’) with simple operations, turning one house into a multiplicity of homes.'

Damien Ortega





'...replace ineffective city housing...'

'...soft sculptures focus on the shapes of the building rather than their functional and social aspects and offer a gentle critique of modernism's promise to transform how we live'

Importance of the relationship between people and buildings.



Mark Bradford - Los Moscos 2004


Mixed media (gathered from Los Angeles Streets) on canvas.

Urban Sprawl. Living City.

Paper fragments 'act as memory of things pasted and things past. You can peel away the layers of papers and it's like reading the streets through the signs'

Sense of place. People make the city. What is a city without people?

Sub-cultures within the city.








Movement of people. Movement of transport. 

Steps. Lifts. Tunnels. Connections. Rushing. Efficiency.

Living city. Everyday lives.

T4 Madrid Barajas Airport


2642_N154.jpg    2642_0498.jpg

Rodgers Stirk Harbour + Partners

Wave like structure.

Orientated around the movement of people.

'...the Madrid Barajas Airport terminal is a model of legibility, with a straightforward linear diagram and a clear progression of spaces for departing and arriving passengers.

'The roof then oversails the edge of the building to shade the façades. Given the multi-level section, a strategy was required to bring natural light down into the lower levels. The solution is a series of light-filled ‘canyons’ that separate the parallel slices of space that demarcate the various stages of transit, from the arrival point to check-in, security and passport control, then on to departure lounges and finally to the aircraft.'

'The grand scale generates the feeling of a truly significant public space. The canyons also act as locators, underlining the clear sense of direction and legibility that is fundamental to the scheme.'

SANAA Naoshima Port Terminal Building


Parking. Lavatories. Waiting area.

Landmark for port, makes it easier to locate.

Appears as though it could grow and expand.

Institut du Monde Arabe / Enrique Jan + Jean Nouvel + Architecture-Studio

'The system incorporates several hundred light sensitive diaphragms that regulate the amount of light that is allowed to enter the building. During the various phases of the lens, a shifting geometric pattern is formed and showcased as both light and void. Squares, circles, and octagonal shapes are produced in a fluid motion as light is modulated in parallel. Interior spaces are dramatically modified, along with the exterior appearance.'

stringio (1).jpg


Sharifi-ha House!/project/sharifi-ha-house/


Next Office Architects.

Adaptable living.

Seasonal. Summer lounge, open. Winter lounge, closed.

Issey Miyaki

Issey Miyake.jpg

Summer Collection 2016 - 'Botanical Delights', inspired by tropical plants. 'Baked Stretched' technique

Follows the contours of the body.

 "a piece of cloth"

"the body, the fabric covering it and a comfortable relationship between the two

Metaphor of relationship between skin and bone?

Thom Browne Spring 2015 Menswear Collection

Rob Arad- National Holocaust Monument, Ottawa, Canada, 2014

ron arad holocaust memorial.jpg

'Their combined impact, an interplay between robustness and frailty, cohesiveness and fragmentation. The narrow passages pull the eye upwards, through canyon-like undulations which frame the sky above.'

14m high, 20m long, spaced 120cm apart, visitors forced to pass in single file. Creates an experience. Touch.


Marcia Selsor Ceramics

Marcia Selsor.jpg

Mimics bark- natural form.


Simon Orrell Designs

Simon Orrell designs.jpg



Reminds me of primary research of metal surface.

Knots- Unknown designer


Structure is created by knots.

Einar PorsteinnAsgeirsson- Bucky Chair 1980



Mia Jane Harris- Your Corpse is Beautiful

Your corpse is beautiful.jpg

Deceased human tissue.

Natural processes causing transformation.

Jennifer Davies

woven pieces.jpg



Spaces in between.

Peter Zumthor- Kolumba Museum

Peter Zumthor Museum.jpg

Kolumba Museum, Cologne, Germany.

Grey brick integrates with the ruins of Gothic Church. 


Old and new, creates character and incorporates history.


Tomas Saraceno

Tomas Saraceno.jpg

'How to Entangle the Universe in a Spider Web' 2016-2017

'For six months in 2016, Moderno housed specimens of the species Parawixia bistriata and witnessed how spiders inhabit a space. This species, hailing from Copo National Park located in the northeast of Santiago de Estero and from the Buenos Aires Province, generally weaves longer threads than other species – up to 15 metres long – and is one of the twenty-five species that demonstrate social, cooperative behaviour among the over 43.000 known species of arachnids across the world.'

Naturally inhabiting space.





Simon Heijdens

Simon Heijdens 2.jpgSimon Heijdens Tree.jpg.1

'An installation that traces and amplifies the leftovers of nature in the urban surrounding.'

8 m high silhouettes of trees projected onto building facades. Trees are not pre-animated but move and grow according to the environment. The movement of trees and fallen leaves are dictated by the wind and people walking by. The season controls the tree's physical state (e.g. in winter the silhouette will not have any leaves).

I like that the piece interacts with its environment and people; that it mimics nature in an urban landscape.


Granary Square at night


I wanted to capture the reflection of light in the puddles of water left from the fountains. I find it intriguing how the light is distorted on the water surface.

Molo Studio Textile Softwall


Designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen.

Flexible wall made from polyethylene with magnetic connectors.

Can be used as a room divider, an exhibition backdrop and privacy in general.

I like how it can be stored easily as it can be folded and compress to a thickness of a book.

King's Cross Underground Tunnel

king's cross tunnel.jpg

Tunnel designed by Allies and Morrison Architects.

Lighting design by Spiers and Major, built by the Light Lab.

The 'art wall' is made by LED lights, 190 controllable vertical pixels behind 12 mm of toughened glass.

The colours create a positive mood and atmosphere.

Visual sensory. 


Lighting Panel- Designer Unknown


Psychogeographical Guide to Paris- Guy Dubord


'In Situationist Guy Dubord's 1955 essay Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography, he defined psychogeography as “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behaviour of individuals.” Put simply, psychogeography is the exploration of the psychological effects of an urban environment. More than this though, it’s a political statement, defiance of the capitalist system, a seizure of power and a mode of play.'

Five Fields Playground- Matter Designs




Architect: Brandon Clifford, Matter Design; Michael Schanbacher, FR|SCH Projects
Graphic design: Johanna Lobdell

Simple material: Wood.

Range of ages encouraged to explore space.

Graphics used to suggest how to enter the structure.























New International Airport Mexico City





Collaboration between Fosters + Partners, FR-EE and NACO.

'...the entire terminal is enclosed within a continuous lightweight gridshell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight. The design ensures short walking distances and few level changes, it is easy to navigate, and passengers will not have to use internal trains or underground tunnels – it is a celebration of space and light. Flexible in operation, its design anticipates the predicted increase in passenger numbers to 2028 and beyond...'

Lightweight glass and steel structure along with a vaulted designed for challenging soil conditions.

Natural light. Open space.

Steps and Curves


Static yet fluid structure. Following the line of the staircase creates movement.

Movement of ascending and descending. Stepping up and down.

Winding. Curving.

Rolex Learning Centre




SANAA Architects

'...built on the campus of EPFL ecole polytechnique fédérale de lausanne, the rolex learning center will function as a laboratory for learning, a library with 500,000 volumes and an international cultural hub, open to both students and the public.spread over one single fluid space of 20,000 sq metres, it provides a seamless network of services, libraries, information gathering, social spaces, spaces to study, restaurants, cafes and beautiful  outdoor spaces. It is a highly innovative building, with gentle slopes and terraces, undulating around a series of internal ʻpatiosʼ, with almost invisible supports for its complex curving roof, which required completely new methods of construction...'

Static structure yet is fluid and depicts motion.







Zentrum Paul Klee



Bern, Switzerland. Design:  Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects in collaboration with ARB, architects (Bern)

Echos Bern's natural landscape. Hills, Mountains.

'Gentle wave contouring the land'

'The three rolling ‘hills’ are connected by a covered pathway that runs along the entire length of the western façade. Because of the complex geometric curvature of each piece of the undulating roof covering the structure, the steel beams were individually hand-welded. The resulting complex sculpture appears to sew the landscape together and flow alongside the cultivated fields that surround it. The steel and glass facade of the building faces west and is equipped with sun shading devices in textile, partially fixed and partially motorised, which filter natural light into the interior. For Klee’s watercolours, canvases and drawings to be properly preserved, they require a luminosity of between 50 and 100 lux, so artificial light is filtered onto them through white screens.'


CRAB Studio- Abedian School of Architecture


Abedian School of Architecture, Queensland, Australia.

Completed 2013.

'Scoops' act as a private and separate area despite being part of the main avenue. Allows for open interaction.

The building is made up of three levels. The central avenue cuts across the plan and follows the topography of the site's landscape.

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder Antennae with red and blue dots.jpg

Antennae with Red and Blue Dots, 1953.

Suspended by steel rod, downward hanging aluminium plates, 1m wide in all directions. 

Skeletal. Delicate. Bold.


'...relationships with other elements in its universe' Quoted in Borchardt-Hume 2015, p.219

ARUP- Villa Mallorca Copper Staircase

Villa Mallorca Copper Staircase.jpg

Designed by Studio Mishin.

Perforated copper panels.

Opens the space as opposed to having a block for a stair case.

Fragile appearance.

Lighting piece.

Romero and vallejo- Ruff Pouf

Romeo Val.jpg


Folded. Geometric.

Frei Otto- Munich Olympic Stadium 1972

Frei Otto Olympic Stadium.jpg


PVC- coated polyester. Steel.

Natural light floods through. Open space.




Segmented. Folded felt. Multipurpose material.

Frédérique Breuillé- Inner wandering, dsaa textile design 2012

Inner Wandering.jpg

Sensory experience.

Textured. Entangled. Tessellated.

Santiago Calatrava- UAE Pavilion 2020


Expo-03-167678df Santiago Calatrava.jpg.1

Inspired by a falcon in flight- inspired by natural form.

Global Exhibition Centre.

Bringing people together.




D.Signers- Urchin Softlight by Molo Studio

Expandable light.jpg.1

urchin softlight.png

Designed by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen.

Made from polyethylene which is tear- and water-resistant, UV-stable and anti-static to repel dust.


Has a magnetic join to create an invisible seam.

The structure is asymmetric and has honeycomb geometry which enables it to be flexible and morph into a variety of shapes.

I like how this light is adaptable and is able to take multiple forms. It becomes an interactive and sculptural piece.





Clink Street Tunnel- Architainment Lighting Ltd.


Lynne Maclachan Jewellery


3D printed nylon jewellery, dyed to add colour.

I imagine if light was shone through the structure that there would be some interesting projections.


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